Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To gDiapers and beyond!

This blog will be a blast from the past working its way toward the present, as we have been diapering for 4+ months.  Like many of us out there, we jumped into cloth diapering head first.  For our family gDiapers looked like a perfect fit for our lifestyle.  GDiapers are a 3-part system:

1. Re-usable cloth shell
2. Water-proof liner


3. Disposable or Cloth insert

So in theory you should only be changing out the insert.  However, I almost always found it easier to change out the liner and insert, if not the entire diaper.  So what makes these diapers stand out from the rest you might ask.  The fact is that they are the trimmest cloth diapers around.  My wife is a photographer and we have used them exclusively in his monthly and holiday photos. Follow her blog to see her newest projects at Little Paper Crane.  Also the fact that its possible to reuse the gPants and liners make them a great travel diaper.  We can easily fit a days worth of diapers into his diaper bag and have room for everything else a baby or dad might need.
Like I stated earlier, gDiapers are not a perfect diaper.  In my opinion no cloth diaper is perfect, but I believe you can have a perfect diaper stash.  Mine would never be without gDiapers.  Please take a little time to visit gDiapers, as they might have the last piece you need to complete your ideal stash.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We do exist

Hello Ladies and other "Diaper Dudes",

I have been cloth diapering my baby boy since he was a few weeks old and until recently didn't think anything of it.  That was until I was actively searching for the Totsbots Paris print.  Once it was announced that I was the elusive "Diaper Dude", I couldn't imagine I was the only one out there.  This blog is to encourage other guys out there to embrace the cloth diapering movement as well as breaking down the stigma of men taking a active roll in diapering.  I hope to keep you all entertained as well as providing a little bit of my opinions of the newest fluff. 

El Diaper Dude